Friday, December 18, 2009

Painting in Progress: Montmartre - Paris

Montmartre - Paris, acrylic on canvas, 30x40 (work in progress)

This is continues my new series of paintings based on street scene photos I've taken. This particular one is based on a photo from my first visit to the Montmartre district in Paris. Cobblestone streets, greenery, people out and about taking in the street life and cafes...

montmartre photo reference 2009

Painting: Midtown (work in progress)

Midtown, acrylic on panel (work in progress)

This painting is coming along but needs some detail added. Originally, I wasn't going to include the details on the faces but now I'm leaning toward adding a little something.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Photograph: East Village Fire Escapes (New York)

East Village Fire Escapes (New York), digitally enhanced photograph, 2009
From my colored cityscapes series of photographs.

Photograph: River City (Chicago)

River City (Chicago), photograph 2005
From my architecture series of photographs.

Photograph: Union Square Foursome (New York)

Union Square Foursome (New York), photograph, 2006
From my water tanks series of photographs.

Photograph: Uptown Theater (Chicago)

Uptown Theater (Chicago), photograph, 2007
From my old signage series of photographs.

Photograph: Thrift Store Window (Chicago)

Thrift Store Window (Chicago), photograph, 2005

From my street scenes series of photographs. This resale shop is now Urbanest, a home furnishings store, in Andersonville a northside neighborhood of Chicago. I've shown my work here a few times, including being the featured artist when they first opened.

Photograph: Flea Market Reflection (New York)

Flea Market Reflection (New York), photograph, 2006
From my graffiti +street art series of photos.