Saturday, April 27, 2013

New spring abstract paintings in progress

I've been taking a little break from cityscapes recently to create some abstract paintings. Some of these have been based on landscapes - referecing figures and animals. And for about the last month, I've been sketching and painting objects in my studio to use as a starting point. Here a couple that I was working on this week:

These and other new paintings will be on display at the next Cornelia Arts Building Open Studios - Friday May 10th, 6-10pm.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Studio Updates

Due to extra busy life circumstances, I haven't blogged in exactly month to the day. It's been busy art-wise too -- a lot of current and upcoming art stuff happening...
  • Been having good meetings and webinars during the Klein Art Works course.
  • The artist Feedback Loop I'm in has been interesting and gets better each time I go.
  • My large-scale cityscape photographs should be installed soon at the Mile North Hotel as part of their hotel redesign.
  • I'll also have more large-scale photos going up this spring at the Hilton Suites new bar/lounge they are designing.
  • Had some good news about some national magazine press coverage I'll be part of -- more on that soon.
  • Been working on a new series of abstract paintings based mostly on objects from my studio:

Here's a video of me working on a painting recently in my studio: