Monday, December 26, 2011

Three new water tank paintings

These paintings were just completed in the last 2 weeks while I worked on some new ones. All are based on photographs I took in New York and Chicago. I also just started on a commission painting featuring the West Loop skyline and its water tanks which has helped fuel my new-found energy for painting cityscapes and water tanks.

The Village - Bleeker St., acrylic on canvas, 24x30, 2011

Tribeca, acrylic on panel, 24x24, 2011

Pencil Tank - Roscoe Village, acrylic on canvas, 24x30, 2011

10 New Colored Cityscape Photographs

I've been taking a lot of new photographs lately and working on some digital imaging for a hotel reproduction project (more to come on that soon). Below are some results where I've added different effects, textures and colors using Photoshop. Some photos are brand new and some are older photos that I recently digitally enhanced. These are all part of my colored cityscape photo series and available in various sizes.

Towering Heights, digitally enhanced photograph, 2011

Fire Escapes, digitally enhanced photograph, 2011

Arches, digitally enhanced photograph, 2011

Fine Arts Building, digitally enhanced photograph, 2011

Wrigley Building, digitally enhanced photograph, 2011

West Loop Skyline, digitally enhanced photograph, 2011

The Blue Tank, digitally enhanced photograph, 2011

Marina Towers - River View, digitally enhanced photograph, 2011
Hancock and Skyline, digitally enhanced photograph, 2011
Pencil Factory, digitally enhanced photograph, 2011

A couple of water tank paintings in progress

Continuing my series of water tank paintings with these two works in progress. They're at the beginning stages, building up the layers quickly and trying to keep them loose.

I'm inspired by my recent trip to New York where I took a lot of photographs of water tanks in SoHo, The Village and the Lower East Side. In the past month, I have also done some Chicago walkabouts, taking photos of water tanks and architecture in River North and the Loop to provide some inspiration.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chelsea - NYC painting in progress

Worked some more layers into this painting the last few days. Definitely more to go, but I'm liking the color palate and the looser feel.

Previously, I haven't incorporated many fire escapes into my paintings, but I'm liking it so far. It brings a more urban feel to the composition, creating strong diagonal shapes that lead your eye across the canvas.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The start of a new water tank painting

This new painting (another in the water tank and cityscape series), is based on a sketch I made from a photo in Chelsea, NYC. I'm getting back in the groove with this series after a year-long hiatus. I was also asked to do a commission painting of the West Loop and its water tanks which I'll be starting soon.

New paintings finished

I put the finishing touches on these paintings this week. The one in the middle is acrylic on panel and the other two are acrylic on canvas. For some of the detailed work I used conté crayons. Available soon on my website.