Friday, May 8, 2009

Photo Fridays: Chestnut on the River

Chestnut on the River (Chicago), photograph, 2000
From 1999-2000, I worked at an internet marketing company which was part of a larger "incubator" of tech start-ups. This shot was the view I had from my cubicle looking west over the Chicago River. It's part of my water tanks photo series.

I had so many stock options in various companies that I was a multi-millionaire on paper. Well, the tech bubble burst and I was laid off - until I found another job 8 months later. Of course, that job was in the telecom industry and it only lasted 4 months - laid off again. This time it was 2.5 years until I found a permanent, full-time job, where I've been ever since.

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Etiquette Bitch said...

i like this post! i really enjoy how you put stories with your images...much more personal and engaging than just some random photos on something like a flickr post.