Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Painting: Montrose Point

montrose point, acrylic on canvas - work in progress, 2010

This is a start to a new aerial landscapes series based on Chicago - specifically Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. This particular painting is a view of the Belmont and Montrose Harbors area on the north side. It's a great spot along the lake - beach, harbor, dog park, soccer fields, golf course, tennis courts, bike trails, bird sanctuary, and nature preserve. It's probably my favorite area along the lake with some of the best views of the skyline that you'll get.


Etiquette Bitch said...

Love it! The colors really pop. I'd bet it's even more stunning in person.

Kevin Swallow said...

Thanks, EB! Maybe you should come by my studio sometime and check it out.

Etiquette Bitch said...

would love to!