Sunday, August 24, 2008

Work in Progress: Warhol-Mare

Warhol-Mare (work in progress), acrylic on clay board

I started this painting yesterday. I'm using a reference photo of my wife that I digitally enhanced to give it an Andy Warhol-style look. It's a square format, much like Warhol frequently used for his portraits of celebrities. Thus, the working title: Warhol-Mare. It's acrylic on clay board, which is a softer surface laid on top of wood. I first added some designs by scratching into the clay board with a screwdriver. Then, I added a wash of purple as a background. Next, I sketched the composition with marker then added the areas of color. I have a little more work to do like fixing some proportions and adding some details so it's probably about 75% finished. Another fun little experiment...

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