Tuesday, February 28, 2012

West Loop Cityscape - commission painting finished

I'm excited to say that the West Loop Cityscape custom commission painting is finished, delivered and hung (photos below)! Special thanks to Chicago collectors Julie and Dale!

This was a really good commission process and I think it's one of my best cityscape paintings. There are some things that helped me get it to what the collectors wanted but also what I had envisioned.
  • The collectors letting me shoot photos of the skyline from their balcony. Also, being able to see where they would be hanging the painting.
  • Walking around the West Loop neighborhood and shooting photos.
  • A little on-site sketching.
  • Lots of preliminary sketches in the studio.
  • Studio visits from fellow CAB artists who always give great constructive feedback.
  • Having the collectors over to my studio to view work in progress.
  • Lots of coffee and music for the long painting sessions.
Here are a couple photos of the painting in its new home (paired nicely with my Chicago River aerial landscape painting).

West Loop Cityscape, acrylic on canvas, 24x48, 2012

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